SOD C/C++ API Reference - Image Processing


sod_img sod_image_distance(sod_img a, sod_img b);


Compute the difference between two images and return the reconstructed image.


sod_img    a

The source image. The image can be loaded from disk using sod_img_load_from_file(), from memory (i.e. network socket) via sod_img_load_from_mem() or dynamically created via sod_make_image().

sod_img    b

Target image to compare to which must have the same dimension or greater than the source image a.

Return Value

Single channel reconstructed image is returned in an instance of the sod_img object. if something goes wrong during processing, then an empty image is returned via sod_make_empty_image(). Once done, you must release the memory allocated to this object via sod_free_image() to avoid memory leaks.


Checkout the introduction course, the C/C++ samples on the download page or refer to the SOD Github Repository.

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