SOD C/C++ API Reference - Image Processing


sod_img sod_rotate_crop_image(sod_img input, float rad, float s, int w, int h, float dx, float dy, float aspect);


Rotates & Crop an image to the specified number of degrees and dimension. For standard image rotation & cropping, you should rely respectively on sod_rotate_image() and sod_crop_image().


sod_img    input

The input image to be processed. The image can be loaded from disk using sod_img_load_from_file(), from memory (i.e. network socket) via sod_img_load_from_mem() or dynamically created via sod_make_image().

float    rad

The rotation angle, in degrees. The rotation angle is interpreted as the number of degrees to rotate the image clockwise.

float    s

Scale factor of the crop.

int    w

The width of the crop.

int    h

The height of the crop.

int    dx

The x-coordinate, in logical units of the crop offset.

int    dy

The y-coordinate, in logical units of the crop offset.

float    aspect

Aspect ratio of the crop.

Return Value

Processed image is returned in an instance of the sod_img object. if something goes wrong during processing, then an empty image is returned via sod_make_empty_image(). Once done, you must release the memory allocated to this object via sod_free_image() to avoid memory leaks.


Checkout the introduction course, the C/C++ samples on the download page or refer to the SOD Github Repository.

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