Release Changelog - SOD Embedded

This page provides a high-level summary of changes to SOD. Visit the download page for the latest releases.

July 2023 - Release 1.1.9

  • Introducing dozens of brand new advanced image Processing Routines:
    • Gaussian Blur via sod_gaussian_blur_image().
    • Sepia Tone (filter) via sod_image_sepia_filter().
    • RGB Masking via sod_img_mask_to_rgb().
    • Image Censoring via sod_censor_image().
    • Image Saturation via sod_saturate_image() & sod_saturate_exposure_image().
    • Image Hue via sod_hue_image().
    • Image Constrain via sod_constrain_image().
    • Image Exposure via sod_exposure_image().
    • Image Distortion via sod_distort_image() & sod_random_distort_image().
    • Box Blur Filter via sod_box_blur_image().
  • Introducing the sNullVfs Virtual File System for restricted embedded devices when the OS_OTHER compile-time directive is defined.
  • Introducing the SOD_NO_MMAP compile-time directive for restricted embedded devices lacking memory mapping.
  • Introducing the SOD_DISABLE_REALNET compile-time directive to completely omit Real-Nets from the build similar to SOD_DISABLE_CNN.
  • Fixed unbounded write of sscanf() (Github Pull Request by Mingjie Shen).
  • Highly experimental Tiny-Dream (Stable Diffusion) Inference backed by SOD.

March 2021 - Release Update 1.1.8

  • Fixed memory leak on the sod_canny_edge_image() interface.

  • Native support for multihreading on Windows/POSIX systems for the CNN interfaces which speed up CPU processing up to 10 times on standard Desktop computer (Feature available only on the commercial version of the library).

January 2019 - Release 1.1.8

  • Introducing sod_minutiae() which let you find ridges and bifurcations from a fingerprint image.

  • No bugs discovered yet.

June 2018 - Release 1.1.7

  • SOD Embedded first public release.